Monday, December 11, 2006

ASEAN Update

Well, because of the latest typhoon, the ASEAN Summit has been moved to January 11-14, near the time of Sinulog, the biggest celebration of the year. Things are crazy enough during Sinulog. Add in the ASEAN Summit, and it should be nothing less than total chaos! Thank God we will be back in Malaysia and far far away from what promises to be a total nightmare for everyone.

I'm sure the delegates to the summit, and the security forces assigned to protect them, are really, really, going to LOVE seeing parades of people dressed like this, marching around downtown Cebu City, looking like an incipient peasant revolt:

Okay, everyone! on the count of three, draw your weapons and rush the bank!

If a similar situation were to happen in the good old paranoid USA, there would be more SWAT team members then there would be paraders. More than likely, result would be something that would make the Tienamen Square massacre look like a night in Disneyland.