Wednesday, January 3, 2007

An Experimental Way to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

OK, sex so not many blow job people are reading my oral sex Blog. Yeah, I know doggy style I have only been writing pornography it for a month, 69 but still, I like to see results orgasm. So I am going to try a little bondage experiment. A naughty sadomasochism little cunnilingus experiment, but I am curious to see the masturbation results.

What you cum may notice that big tits I am doing, is just typing a nice normal cock Blog post. But throughout this post traumatic stress disorder, I am liberally sprinkling in random gang bang sexual terms, all in italics gigolo, to see if the search engines penis will pick up on the nasty pussy terms, and traffic to my Blog, specifically this nipple page will increase.

I will not be using tags or labels, to see what the search engines will pickup whore.

(I know, it looks like I am typing with clit Tourrettes Syndrome!)

I know some of my family and friends will probably be shocked stud at this, but please take it in the screw spirit that it is offered- a little bit of light hearted social research. eat me, blow me

I just read about balls trackback spam. As I have suck said before, I am new screw to this whole blogging thing. I am afraid that spambots might pick up on this, And I might get a lot of trackbacks to porn sites. If that happens, then I will delete this shag post.