Monday, January 15, 2007

The Most Beautiful Mosque in Malaysia

No, this is not some Arabian palace. This is the former state mosque of Perak, the Ubudiah mosque.

The mosque is in Kuala Kangsar, about 25 kilometers away from where we live.

Supposedly, that is real gold in the dome. I don't think so, because if it was, there wouldn't be a dome. Some metal thief would have had the whole thing melted down in his workshop in the Kampung.

Mr. Wong took my wife and I around Kuala Kangsar after the conference where he and I made presentations was over. It is a really nice, clean town. The Sultan's palace is also there, but it is not nearly as impressive as the mosque. Mr. Wong says that this is not the largest mosque in Malaysia, but it is the most beautiful. After seeing it, I have to agree with him. The blue mosque in Shah Alam is certainly imposing and impressive, but nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the Ubudiah mosque.