Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogging in Chinese

Okay- I am here at a different Internet cafe in Taiping than my normal haunt. My wife and I decided to check it out, as it is closer to the new apartment we will move to in March. From the outside, it is nice- clean, spacious, new equipment- the antithesis of our normal place. Two pre-teen Chinese boys are in charge- the oldest one can't be more than 11, or 12, the other one 9 or 10 at the most. That's OK, they seem to know what they are doing. If not for one problem, I would be coming here from now on. Every web page comes up in Chinese, or goes to the site that originates in China. All the controls are in Chinese. The browsers are set to Chinese.

I say browsers, because originally there was just Internet Exploder. I installed Firefox, but it imports all the setting from Internut Exploiter, so everything is still in Chinese. I tried messing around with the options, and selected English as my language of choice, but everything keeps coming up in Chinese.

I even went into the Windoze control panel and changed the language, but all the controls to this page are still in Chinese. Even after hitting refresh, it still is in Chinese.

OK, now Google is coming up in English, instead of the Chinese version, which was giving me some pretty bizarre results. Maybe after I publish this, (If I can remember the right button to click), I can sign out and sign back in, and do some serious blogging. More than likely, though, My wife and I will be heading to the hawker stalls by the Lake Gardens, as soon as she finishes playing the trial version of "Bookworm Adventures". The younger "proprietor" is standing behind her watching her play, and eating a bowl of noodles. She is still very sensitive to smell, and is making a face. Still, I know she won't leave until the 60 minute trial period expires!