Friday, February 16, 2007

The Difference Between a Relationship and Exercise

I used to work in a restaurant during and after my college days. I did almost every job there, except for cashier, bartender, and waiter. Which means I was a host, busboy, fry cook, line cook, prep cook, backup prep cook, and a dishwasher. I wanted to be a waiter, so that I could make some real money. The manager refused. Why? Because I was too good at what I did.

"So you're telling me that if I really sucked at what I do, you would make me a waiter?"
He had no answer for that one, but I did get a raise.

Most of the workers there were between the ages of 16 and 25. Most of the girls working there were in the market for a husband. A couple of them were married, but looking for a refund or an exchange.

The girls there would talk. The most popular subject, of course, was guys. It was while working there that I learned that women talk just as dirty, or more so, than guys.

One day two of them were talking about their boyfriends. The one was talking about her relationship. Included in the discussion was a graphic depiction of their sex life. When she finished, the other girl said:

"Wow! You know, that's not a relationship! That's exercise!"