Sunday, February 4, 2007

Morning Sickness

Everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy so far. My wife is going into the eleventh week, and she hadn't really experienced any problems. That was, until yesterday. After school, Mr. Wong dropped me off in town. I got something to eat, went to the Internet cafe to work on my Blog, and wrote some e-mail. Yes, I admit, I spent way too long there- seven hours as a matter of fact. I thought everything was OK at home, because I told my wife to call me or text me if anything was wrong or she needed me.

When I got home, she was asleep on the futon. I felt her head to see if she was sick. She seemed to be OK. I saw her stir a couple times while I was taking a shower and shaving, and figured she was probably mad at me. OK, fair enough.

She woke up after I turned the TV on. Yes, she was a little angry, but even worse, she was having "morning sickness". She went into the bathroom, and proceeded to vomit very loudly. In the meantime, I went in the other bathroom and had a sneezing fit.

The bathrooms in our house seem designed to maximize every embarrassing little sound made in them. They echo like crazy. Urinating in them makes a sound equivalent to Niagara falls, and a soft fart sounds like an elephants trumpeting.

Because of this, my wife's retching became so loud, that people all the way across town could hear it. My sneezing fit sounded like an atomic bomb test.

The neighbors must have had a hell of a time trying to figure out what we were doing in there.