Monday, February 26, 2007

Zooomr test - Monkeyproof Trash

Ok, there's this photo sharing site called Zooomr that is promising a free pro account totaling 2.4 gigs of storage for bloggers if you put an image of yours they are hosting on your blog. OK, I'm game. So far I haven't been impressed with their service. It is in Beta, but still- I uploaded an image at work, and now, when I signed in here at the Internet cafe, it was gone! I tried uploading some more images, but after getting an "upload successful" message, I kept getting a 404 error message, and no pics uploaded. I don't know if my pics will still be there after I sign out, but what the hell! I need more frustration and things to get pissed at in my life, right?


Ok, so what the hell, here goes:

MonkeyMonkey Hosted on Zooomr

This is a trash can in the parking lot of the Taiping Zoo. The MPT stands for the Municipal Council of Taiping, or something like that. Hopefully, though, it stands for "MonkeyProof Trash"!

I was doing a lesson with my Form 1 students. We were going over descriptive adjectives to describe places. I explained that the suffix -ful meant "full of ____ ". Beautiful means "full of beauty", peaceful means "full of peace", etc. So when I asked them to describe the school, they said it was "monkeyful"! Yup, monkeys tend to be all over the place, whole troops of macaques going through the trash, climbing up to the roof of the classrooms during class, and rummaging through the girls dorms. For some reason, though, they won't go near the boys dorms. Maybe it is too "odorful" in there.