Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doing the Fetal Macarena

Trien is now about halfway through the pregnancy- 18 weeks since conception. We went to the Ob/Gyn last night for a much anticipated checkup.

This was the first time she had gotten really moody and ugly with me ever since I've known her. Yeah, there's been some minor moodiness during our time together, but that's to be expected, after all. Especially during those times of the month. Last night, though, was pretty bad. As soon as we left the house, she wouldn't walk with me, talk to me, and had a mean boo-boo face the whole time. It seemed as if I had done or said something particularly vicious to her. I tried to see what was wrong, but her only reaction was to say "Don't talk to me right now." That really irked me, and made me angry, but I took it for what it was- her hormones running wild. Her attitude remained ugly even while we were in the waiting room at the doctors office. OK, so instead of sitting next to her, I sat in the seats at the other side of the room. Even then, she kept her head turned away from me. Once we were in the doctors office, and talking to Dr. Jeya, Trien's mood did lighten up, and she did start to treat me somewhat like a normal person again.

After the interview, she had the ultrasound. We were hoping that we would be able to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Dr. Jeya tried her best to determine the sex of the baby, but the baby was moving so much that it was impossible to see what the baby is. It looked like our baby was doing the fetal macarena- hands behind the head, hands by the waist, hands in front of the face, and kicking all the time. The baby was in almost constant motion. Trien swears that at one point, the baby made a waving motion, as if saying hello.

All that dancing, and Doctor Jeya doing her best to see the sex of the baby, meant that we got a prety thorough scan. The head is no longer the biggest part of the body, and it is no longer resting against the chest. The hands look huge compared to the arms. The body is lengthening, as are the legs. Boy, were those tiny little legs kicking like crazy!

We also got to see all the bones, tiny little white lines in the scan forming the framework of the body. Everything is looking good. For just a second, we got a profile of the baby, who seems to have my nose, as Trien wants. I love Trien's cute little Filipino nose, but she thinks I have the perfect nose.

Doctor Jeya's conclusion? "Everything is perfect. Enjoy your pregnancy."


Afterwards, we walked to The Store, and she was a lot more civil to me, but still not back to normal. We went to the hawker stalls next to The Store, and picked up some popiah and chicken soup for dinner.

I asked her what was wrong when we got back, because her mood seemed close to normal again.

Her reply?

"I was busy getting ready. You said, 'Lets go, Baby', to me."

"Yeah, but I only said it once, and I said it over two hours ago!"

"Yeah, but you said it to me."

Is it me, or was she over-reacting just a bit?

Well, only five more months to go!