Friday, March 30, 2007

My Photos

If you can't tell by now, I like taking photos. I carry our digital camera with me everywhere. I take my cue from my great grandfather, who started out as a crewman on a German submarine in World War One, and ended up as a master chef on luxury liners. Wherever he went, his camera was close by. He got great shots of the submarine rescuing crewman from a fishing boat they accidentally rammed, and what the sub looked like afterwards, the sinking of the Graf Spee, and shots from his travels all over the world. I hope to leave a similar record for others.

I have photos on two different websites. The photos on our Webshots site are of Trien and me, and my travels around the world.

The photos on are of life here in Taiping, and the local area.

I keep adding photos all the time, mostly to the site, because hopefully they won't delete my account like webshots once did, because I didn't sign up for a paid account when they changed their service in 2000. Plus, Zooomr has given me almost unlimited space for putting one of the pictures they host on my Blog. Not a bad deal, and hopefully they will grow and prosper!

Kristopher Tate, the guy behind Zooomr, is only 18. He's got some radical ideas on what the site will be about. From the article previously linked:

One of the key features will be the ability for users to monetise their photos as stock photography.

"We feel our users are creating some great photos and not just for sake of consuming this media but also showing what is going on all round the world.

Upload photos

"We want to allow our users to make money and revenue off their work and only share 10% of the sales ourselves."

Tate and Hawk believe the stock photography business is a $2bn (£1.01bn) market. They also see it as a way for Zooomr to break even; the site does not charge users to upload photos and there are no limits on how many pictures can be hosted.

You have to pull for the little guy.

Viva La Zooomr!