Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Wife's Big Boobies

(OK, this is not a picture of my wife's boobies. It's a picture of a 16 week old fetus. This is how old our unborn child is right now. So what were you expecting?)

Well, we've made it through the first trimester, and now we are into the fourth month of our pregnancy. I say our, because it's not just Trien who is pregnant. To be honest, it is like I am too.

I am not talking about the physical part. She has all the hard work there. That is definitely one experience I don't want to share. Although in a way it does affect me physically, too, because if she's not feeling well, then I have to take care of her. I can be there for her, do things for her, and try my best to make her comfortable, but I don't want to feel physically the things she is going through. Unless it would be feeling for just a moment what it's like to have a little life moving around inside of you. Other than that, experiencing things empathetically and emotionally is enough for me, thank you.

No, I am pregnant in other ways. I am basically a slave to her cravings and desires. Trien, being the sweet woman that she is, tries to control herself even though I tell her not to. Whatever she wants, whatever she needs, I'll get it for her. Within reason of course. When she started calling out for this arcane Filipino pork dish at 2:30 in the morning on a weekday, there was nothing I could do. You're not going to find pork in a mostly muslim country at that time of night.

We are going through physical changes. Her belly is getting big. This worries her. My belly seemed like it wanted to keep up with hers, until I learned to control myself, and not eat whenever she did. Now my pants fit me better. Meanwhile, she can no longer fit into her pants, and her regular blouses are riding up higher and higher. Now she has to wear mommy pants and dresses, and her longer blouses.

This irks her a little bit. She doesn't want to look like a mommy, and wear mommy clothes. So while we were in KL, I took her to a nice maternity shop in Sungei Wang. They have some pretty and stylish maternity clothes there. I want her to feel good about herself, so I told her to buy whatever she wanted- within reason, of course. Not that she is a spendthrift or anything. Growing up poor in the Philippines, so poor that sometimes you have to go hungry will cure you of that. At least it has cured her.

She had a good time and got some really nice things for a good price. Such a good time, that she said she wouldn't mind getting pregnant again if she could get some nice clothes like these!

That made me feel good. The next day she enjoyed walking around in her new mommy clothes, showing off her baby bump. To me she was one stylish looking sexy mommy!

It's not just her tummy that is getting big. Her boobies are getting bigger than her tummy. Before, she had nice sensibly proportioned A-cup boobies. In four months of pregnancy they have grown into pornstar like C-cups, and keep getting bigger, and bigger. I figure that at this rate, by the time the baby is born, we will be buying her F-cup sized bras. Not that I am complaining- at least we know the baby will be well fed.

She was worried about breastfeeding at first, because she had inverted nipples. Well, being pregnant has changed all that. Not only are her boobies getting bigger, but her nipples and aureoles too. They seem to be keeping pace with everything else.

Plus, now there is a dark line from her navel on down.

No wonder she is worried about what her body will look like when she delivers!