Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our New Apartment

Trien and I have just moved into our new apartment here inTaiping, located right across from the Lake Gardens. You walk out of the building, and in less than 100 meters you are there. I can walk to my job, and be there in fifteen minutes. Plus it is very close to town. We don't need a car to get around.

Our Apartment is on the back corner of the complex away from the road, so it is quiet. It is also nice and cool, being on the third floor to catch the breeze, and with windows on three sides. Plus there are three balconies for us to relax on. It is very large. Almost everything we have fits in the master bedroom.

(This is the view from our back balcony)

The first day we were there, Trien called me up at work. She never does that unless it is really important.

She said, "Hi honey, are you busy?"
"No baby, I'm not."
"Honey, I just took a walk around the Lake Gardens, and now I am eating roti canai with Jesse and Mei Ling at the hawker stalls. Later on I will walk to the store and pick up a few things."

Being a Filipina, she is not going to come out and say directly what she thinks. You have to read between the lines. It's not hard to see that what she really said was:
"Wowee! This is a really great place. I love it here honey!"

(This is our apartment complex, as taken from the Lake Gardens.)