Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hamster Powered Paper Shredder

I just thought that this was just too cool, a perfect fit of form, function, and economy. This paper shredder is run by the hamster running in the wheel, and the shredded paper can be used as its bedding.

I know if I had a hamster, I'd be running out to get one of these babies! Even if I didn't have hamster, I'd buy it, and get a hamster, just to see how it worked. Even if I didn't have any paper to shred.

But then, you know, the animal rights activists would find out what I was doing, and say that I was exploiting the poor little hamster. Then I'd have a bunch of cretins from PETA protesting outside my door, demanding I free the poor innocent little slave from his misery.

Meanwhile, how many people right here in Asia are slowly starving to death, in bondage, or otherwise living an unbearable existence, with nobody to speak out for them?

I just don't know about people sometimes. They will get all worked up about some stupid animal being exploited somewhere far across the world, yet not give a crap about some poor human suffering down the street.

Who speaks for them?