Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Hair

(My haircare idols)

Ok, so I am now 45, and will be 46 next month. There is not as much hair on my head as there used to be, but I am not looking like my dad yet. He was gray haired and bald by the time he was my age, but then again, he was married to my Mom. That was enough to make the poor man look like he was 80 when he was only half that age.

My wife, however, is sweet, kind, and patient, and likes to play with my hair. I love it when she does that. Thank God I still have most of my hair, although it is thinning in a couple of spots.

I tend to let it get a bit longish and unkempt. I don't own a comb, and the few times that I have, I either never used it, or lost it very quickly. Basically, I subscribe to the Kurt Vonnegut/Albert Einstein/Ludwig van Beethoven school of hair care. It knows how to grow, so leave it alone.

Lately, I have been using this cheap shampoo I got from the Guardian Pharmacy here in Taiping. It was one of those cheap 6 Ringgit specials in a generic bottle. It says "Hair Regrowth Treatment", or something like that on the label. I figured, what the hell, give it a try. It's only six Ringgit ($1.74). The list of ingredients has stuff like horse nettle and other plants and herbs listed, and it seems to come from some lab in Germany. I figured it was something that didn't sell in Europe or North America, so they are trying to dump it on the market here in Malaysia.

Ahh, so why not? It was just some cheap shampoo. That's all I wanted. It probably wasn't going to work anyway.

Well, guess what? The other day my wife was running her fingers through my hair, and she says:
"Honey, your hair is thicker. Look, you didn't have hair there before! And is this the color your hair was before? It's changed!"

My hair was a grayish brown, sort of a transition color before it went all gray. Now? It's back to brown, with only a few spots of gray left. And there does seem to be more of it. Not bad for some 6 Ringgit shampoo!

When I finish here, I am going to run over to Guardian and buy a lifetime supply. Lord knows, I'll probably need it, what with a baby due in four months!