Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Best Roti in Taiping

This is for Nic and Krista from the Redbox studio, and anyone else who'd like to sample the food in Taiping. If you want to have the best roti in town for breakfast, then head over to this stall at the Circus Grounds Hawker Stalls. They are only open for breakfast, so if you get there after 12, then you are out of luck. If you click on the map below, the red "X" will show you exactly where to go.

Trien usually goes there for breakfast after she and Ate Hermi take their morning walk around the Lake Gardens. Sometimes a few of the other Filipinas in town join them, and they spend the rest of the morning doing what women usually do when they get together over breakfast.

As for me, I usually go there with her on Saturdays. The owner of the stall introduced us to a couple from the USA who eats there every day. He took my phone number so that we could get in contact. Jesse is from New Jersey, and Mei Ling was born and raised here before she emigrated. They are retired now, and are staying here for a couple years to look after her mother, who has not been well. Saturdays are when we usually meet there, and bitch about the idiots who run both countries. That means that Trien is not the only one who can spend some time chatting with her fellow country people.

I like their roti pisang, while Trien goes for the roti gareng. They serve it with different sauces, usually dhal, a red curry sauce, and/or some spicy sardine sauce. Top it off with some Teh Tarik, and you've got yourself a good breakfast for cheap.

Today, we both had our usual, plus Tri had behoon goreng, and we bought five pieces of what the owner called apa manis, which seems to be a pancake made from glutinous rice flour. Add on the drinks and what was the total cost for our feast? 7.35 Ringgit ($2.15 US).

Like I said, if you want a good cheap breakfast, you can't beat this place!

The blue dot? Well, that's the approximate location of our apartment complex. #17 is where I work, at SERATAS, right across from the zoo. As you can see, our apartment is in a great location!