Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doctors Report- Our 26th Week of Pregnancy

We went to see Dr. Jeya yesterday for our monthly checkup. I couldn't wait to see those cool ultrasound scans of our baby in the womb. For me, that's the whole highlight of the visit. I like to see them so much, I usually ask Trien if we can go earlier than our scheduled visit. I want to see the baby. If I ask her a couple weeks before, of course she says no, even though she's as anxious as I am to see what our daughter looks like. If I ask her a couple days before, she'll sometimes give in, and we can see our baby on the screen.

Trien and I told Dr. Jeya about the gas pains, which made her and the nurse burst out in laughter. I know they really look forward to seeing us, as we are usually good for at least a couple of chuckles. That was probably why we got to go first, even though there were a couple others in frot of us. They needed the comic relief. Anyway, after they composed themselves, Trien had the ultrasound scan.

We got quite a surprise. What Trien thought was the baby's head, turned out to be her butt, and what she thought was the the baby's butt, turned out to be her head. Our daughter has literally turned upsidedown. So when Trien was having her gas pains, and asked our daughter to move her butt, she was a good girl and did exactly what she was asked to do. When she said "No, move the part down there," our daughter did that, that was her head, not her butt! When Dr. Jeya showed us how the baby was positioned, then things started to make sense.

We have a good daughter. Even in the womb, she does as she's asked!

The ultrasound scan wasn't as exciting this time as it normally is, because of the change in postion of the baby's body. Of course, being turned the way she is makes her more difficult to see. Her head is turned toward mommy's back, which meant we couldn't see her facial features, or much of anything else.

All we saw in the scan was an indistinct, amorphous mass, that Dr. Jeya said was our baby. A couple of times I could make out a leg, or an arm, and I did see her heart beating, but nothing was easily recognizable. There was something round that she said was our baby's head, and said it looked normal. She took measurements of it and said that our baby's growth was normal. That was a relief for Trien, because she is worried about having a huge baby that would make delivery as pleasant as being forced to watch C-Span.

As for me, I wasn't too anxious. I wasn't expecting to find our daughter had suddenly grown another head or anything. Our baby was still a girl. There had been no sex change in utero, or anything else. Not that I have any problem having a daughter. In fact, I am really looking forward to having daddy's little girl. The only problem I have now is waiting for her to be born!

The blood work we had taken last visit came back normal. Which means we don't have AIDS, hepatitis, jungle rot, cooties, or any other kind of infectious diseases, and neither does the baby. That's a relief! Not that I was expecting anything like that, but as with any kind of test, there is always some anxiety before you get the results.

So everything looks good. Mommy and baby are doing fine. It's just daddy who's going stir crazy, waiting for her to be born!