Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 46th Birthday. Trien called me up in the middle of one of my classes, to ask me if I wanted to eat out, or have her cook me a special dinner. Of course, I chose the special dinner. It will be good to have some nice home cooked Filipino food. She has become quite a good cook, and really enjoys cooking. When we first got married, she only knew how to cook three dishes. So our weekly meals were like a dance- dish one, dish two, dish three- TAKEOUT! Dish one, dish two, dish three, TAKEOUT!

After her call, my class sang "Happy Birthday", to me. So did all my other classes. As it turns out, Thursday is my busiest day. I had six classes today, including three in a row. What a way to celebrate! We had a five day holiday, the first day back is my birthday, and I have six classes! But all is well. Now it's back home to see what Tri has cooked up for me!