Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all of you around the world, except for those of you in the USA. You guys have to wait another five months or so. In Taiping right now, there are all sorts of gatherings and events going on. My wife and I just got back from one, a foodfair sponsored by the local churches and charities to raise money for the local home for the handicapped. Trien spent about six hours yesterday with some of the other Filipinas, chopping veggies, flaking fish and pulling out all the bones to make Laksa. It was worth it, because it was the best Laksa I've ever had.

In case you are wondering, May Day here has no communist connections. Not after the Malaysians spent the better part of forty years fighting against a communist insurrection.

To Americans, our Labor Day marks the end of the summer season. It's when the kids go back to school, and the vacations and barbecues stop. It's the time when things get back to normal after the madness of summer, and things fall back into the usual routine.

So we'll enjoy our Labor Day now, and all of you in the USA, I wish you a happy advance Labor Day.

(I forgot to bring the cable to download the pictures I took today, so I will leave you with this nice little picture of the monkeys playing in the drainage canal in front of our apartment complex).