Monday, May 28, 2007

It's Interesting, Jake . . .

I have gotten to know Jake, who is from Taiping, through writing this Blog. He writes his own Blog, Stupid Malaysia, about the corruption and stupidity in the Malaysian government, and how difficult it is for non-ethnic Malays here. While I have come here to work, escape an unfair system, and for peace of mind, he has gone to the USA for the same reasons.

It seems that in some ways, at least, we are living parallel lives.

Jake has put a posting in his Blog, about how ironic it is that we went to each others countries to get away from what we both see as immoral and corrupt governments.

I left the USA, because life wasn't good for me there, and I needed a change of scenery. I had lost my job, broken up with my girlfriend, yada yada yada, and was stuck in a rut. Most of all, I felt that I could not live there anymore and give my implicit support to a government which I consider corrupt and immoral, despite all its trappings of self righteousness.

Plus, I hadn't been treated well by the government in the USA, in part because of my political activities and beliefs. I was watched, and had my phone tapped. Me, an ordinary law abiding citizen, whose only offence was some unpaid parking tickets. Yet still, The government felt I was a threat, and treated me as such.

Not that the government here is much better, especially in its treatment of non-bumiputras.
Jake does a good job of exposing those things in his Blog.

Jake went away from here, and found peace and contentment in the USA. Good for you, Jake!
I have come here, and I see all sorts of corruption and injustice all around me. That gets me really pissed off, but I am only a guest here. I will have to move away from here soon, because the immigration laws won't allow me to get permanent residence or my wife to work. Not unless I can come up with $150,000 US, and then they will welcome me with open arms, and palms outstretched.

Malaysia could be a great country, and a great place to live. Yet because of the narrowmindedness and corruption of the "Little Napoleons" who are in charge, it never will be.
Which truly is a shame. Because if they were truly intent on promoting the "racial harmony" they like to spout on about in this country, there wouldn't be a brain drain, and Malaysia would be a the major power in ASEAN politics.

Jake has made me think. I am not just a citizen of the USA, I am a citizen of the world. To quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."