Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Dad

The news from sister is not good. My Dad is not well. His congestive heart failure is getting worse. He's a fighter. He's over come prostate cancer, a heart attack, congestive heart failure, but it seems now like the end is getting near. Being here in Malaysia, there is little I can do other than to call him up and try to cheer him up, and tell him I love him. With Trien now 33+ weeks pregnant, and my job, flying out there isn't an option right now.

You know, I wish I could fly out there and see him one last time. That I could give him a big hug, look him straight in the eyes, and with all honesty tell him I love him. Then spend some time with him, and listen to him, and be with him. That's something I've very rarely, if ever done with him. Really, truly be there, in the moment with him, and I regret it. At least the healing is there, and now I have the desire to be there with him. It hasn't always been that way. Through most of my adult life, I couldn't have cared less.

Not that I didn't have reason to feel that way.

Right now it's late, and the Internet cafe is closing down. There's a lot more I have to say, and I don't have the time to say it. So I will have to continue tomorrow. I look forward to it. It will good for my Soul to get it out.