Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pregnancy Report- Week 32

Wahooo! We've made it through another milestone on the road to parenthood. We've passed the eight month mark. Only a month or so to go!

Last night the baby was making my wife's tummy do these rhythmical movements, in metronome perfect time. We were wondering what she was doing. Then I realized what was going on- she had the hiccups! Sure enough, that had to be what was going on, and Trien and I looked at each other and smiled. It was cute. At least I thought it was cute, but Trien didn't think so, at least after she had thought about it.

"Do you feel good when you have the hiccups?" She gave me a mischievously curious look.
"How do you think our daughter feels then?!"
"Yeah, I see your point. But still, it is sooooo adorable!"
Then we both couldn't help but laugh.
She kept it up for a couple of minutes.

Then she started moving around, moving her whole body. We figured that she was asleep, and the hiccups must have woken her up. Or do you hiccup when you are asleep? Anyway, she seemed to be moving around in protest. All I could do was rub my wife's tummy, and go:
I just can't wait until our daughter is born. Then when she hiccups, Daddy can pick her up, hold her, rub her tummy, and go, "AWWWWW."