Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Latest Mommy Pics

I finally got Trien to pose for some new Mommy pictures before church today. Not that I can blame her for not posing before. If I was pregnant, had a big tummy, and had to pee constantly, I wouldn't feel much like posing either. Not if I cared anything about what I looked like.

She thinks that being pregnant makes her look ugly. Sometimes she looks at herself and then at me and says, "Ugly Mommy, handsome Daddy." Sure, being in this state can't make you feel very beautiful. It's draining, both physically and mentally, I know. Yet the changes that have taken place in her body don't make her look ugly to me. Sure, a huge belly might look unsightly, but nothing could make her more beautiful than carrying my child. Sometimes there is just a little something about her, yes, you might even say a glow, that really makes her seem so pretty.

So I never tried to force things. Still, I want to have something to show our daughter when she is older. Some Mommy pictures to show her along with the first baby pictures.

Trien also gets a little jealous if she sees me looking at other women. I always do it, partially because I like observing people, and partially because I like looking at beautiful things, and I find few things more lovely than the female countenance and form. If I didn't, then I wouldn't have married one!

So in order to make her feel better about herself, and let her know I still love her and find her attractive, I try to take her picture. I never have asked any other woman to pose for me, have I Baby?

If she has her way, I never will.

If I have my way, these are the last Mommy pictures she'll pose for.
The waiting continues.