Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Merdeka Coloring Contest

Today there was a coloring contest, held at the hall across the street from the Lake Gardens hawker center. It was sponsored by our church, Shekinah AOG, and the local member of Parliament, Datuk Dr. M. Kayveas. Trien had handed out entry forms to her friends so that their kids could enter. She wanted to go there and see what was going on. That was fine with me, but I wasn't going to stay. I spend all week around kids, so on the weekends, I need a break.

We walked over there. I wanted to take some "Mommy pictures" of her, to post on my Blog. She refused to stop and pose. So that meant that I had to take some action pictures. I was going to post one that had her sticking her tongue out at me wearing a really sour expression. She is sitting next to me, and said she will not be happy if I post it. Her tone and expression made it clear that there would be repercussions later, so like a good husband, I deleted it. So here is the nicest of the action shots for your perusal. As you can see, her tummy is getting really big.

Anyway, we got to the hall, and it was packed with kids, all busy coloring away. Some of the littlest one were doing the most professional job. Their parents had obviously sent them for lessons. Trien just told me about on little boy who insisted on giving all the people on his sheet green faces. They gave him 4 different sheets to color, and he made them green on each one.

Then there was Ramesh's son. When Trien asked his wife how he son did, she said, "Oh, he did very well! He was the first one finished!" She was joking, of course. Her son couldn't understand what was taking the others so long. Needless to say, he didn't take home a prize.

As for me, I went to the hawker stalls for my regular Saturday roti pisang breakfast. Then it was off to the Baby Center, to by a surprise gift for our baby.

Trien had wanted her friends and their kids to come to our place after the competition, so that they could go to the playground later on. I said no. I wanted to rest and have some peace, and I didn't want to have an apartment full of screaming kids running around. Last week I had to work Saturday, and had a full schedule of 6 classes, and this week was kind of rough. Being the sweet wife she is, Trien didn't argue. Instead, they went to someone elses house and had a Filipino barbecue. Thank God for that, because when I called her later, They were all so loud I couldn't hear her!

Time to go! Until tomorrow!