Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pregnancy Report Week 37: The Waiting

Well right now, it is just like it says in the old Tom Petty song: "The waiting is the hardest part". We have reached 37 weeks in the pregnancy, and now the baby is considered full term. Everything is developed, but she is still in Mommy's womb, growing and putting on weight.

Trien And I both can't wait for the birth. She has an advantage in waiting for the event that I don't. Our daughter talks to her, and appears in her dreams. She doesn't appear in mine, and I am starting to wonder why. I am her father, after all.

Trien says it is because her and our baby have such a close physical connection, which is true. In that aspect, I am on the outside looking in. I can put my hand on Trien's tummy and feel the baby moving inside her, but she actually has the baby inside of her, living as part of her. She feels little Melody there all the time, whether she is moving or not. So her connection with our daughter is very close, where mine is more distant. Why wouldn't there be a special psychic bond there between mother and daughter?

I envy my wife having this connection with our daughter before birth. Trien is already one up on me in bonding with our baby. What it means is that I will have to work that much harder to have the same connection with our daughter after birth. That doesn't bother me, because I know it will be worth it.

An example of what I am talking about is the dream Trien had yesterday. She saw our daughter, floating on some clouds, happy and playing. She saw her clearly- a little mestiza with black hair and her Daddy's eyes. Melody said "Hello Mommy!", and Trien said she felt like she was telling her that she was OK, you just have to wait. Trien felt happy after that dream, and knew everything is OK. Me? I'm still fetting and nervous, as usual.

This was Trien's 4th or 5th dream about the baby. I have only had one, and in my dream, I didn't even get to see her. It was just a vague, anomalous dream where I only felt her presence. Not very satisfying, but at least I did have some sort of brief psychic connection with our child.

Last night I sidled up to Trien's tummy, and I talked to Melody.

"Please, Melody, talk to Daddy in a dream like you talk to Mommy. Please let Daddy see you."

It didn't happen. It looks like my first glimpse of our daughter will come on the big day.

I'm still waiting, and like the song says, the waiting is the hardest part.