Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pregnancy Report Week 39- Still Waiting

Trien just finished her latest checkup. All is well. She had her scan, and the baby is OK. The only problem she had was last night Melody slept all night with her feet pressing just below Triens rib cage. When Daddy "tickled" Melody's feet in the morning, she changed position, and everything was all right.

Me? I'm not so well. The reason I haven't been blogging regularly is that I've been feeling sick the past couple of weeks. I want to the doctor before, but it didn't help too much.

I went to another doctor today, because I don't want to get Trien sick just before she delivers, or get the baby sick after she delivers. This doctor was recommended to us by Saras, the nurse at the maternity center who goes to our church. He is the closest doctor to our place, and seems to be pretty good. His office is pretty well stocked. He even has an ultrasound machine in his examining room. He listened to my symptoms, checked me out, and after listening to my chest, he thinks I might have a mild case of pneumonia. He gave me some antibiotics, vitamins, and other stuff.

He wants to check me out for a hyperthyroid. In checking out what the symptoms are, it looks like he might be on the right track. My problems could be caused by more than just stress. No other doctor even thought to look past the immediate symptoms. I guess Doctor Philipp will be getting more of our business from now on.