Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Melody's Favorite Activities

Being a newborn, Melody doesn't do too much as of yet. But there are a few things she likes to do. In rough order of preference, they are:
1. Sleeping. Without a doubt, that is #1 on the list.
2. Eating. This is her #1 activity when awake.
3. Looking at stuff. Everything is new to her. So when she is taking a break from feeding, but still alert, she likes to look at everything around her. Some of the things she has found fascinating include:
One of the wooden posts on her crib.
Our plain white wall.
The underside of the futon.
The ceiling fan.
Mommy (Daddy not so much).
Some bug only an expert in tropical entomology could identify scurrying around the plain white wall that had Mommy freaking out.

The patterns on your clothes.

But without a doubt, her two favorite things are:
Mr. Bear, (pictured above), and her own image in the mirror.

I paid RM 20 for Mr. Bear, and it is some of the best money I ever spent. She is totally fascinated by him. All you have to do is put him in her line of sight, and she will stare at him, and start kicking and smiling. He has a music box inside, and when you pull the string and "Go to Sleep My Little Baby" starts playing, she will stop moving and kicking, and give him her full attention. Then she will start moving and kicking even more, waiting for him to make some more music. Whatever Mr. Bear does, she usually tries to reach out and touch him, as best a newborn can.

Her own image is of tremendous interest to her. She loves to look at the baby in the mirror. She will try and reach out and touch the baby. Of course, right now she doesn't know she is the baby in the mirror. But she always stops what she is doing when I put the mirror in her line of sight, and usually smiles at the baby. She won't even move or kick, she is so fascinated. This really comes in handy when changing her diaper. I put the mirror in front of her, she holds still, and in two minutes or less the diaper change is done.
4. Being held.

5. Crying.

6. Resting while taking two hours to feed.

7. Being adorable. This takes no effort all all, it just comes naturally.

I know this is just the beginning. In the coming months, as she matures and makes new discoveries, there will be plenty more things she like to do. I can't wait to see what they are!