Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Most Unusual ESL Help Wanted Ad I have Ever Seen

I like to browse through the English teaching job listings on the internet, just to see what is around.
This is definitely one of the most unusual job listings I have ever seen. Too bad I have another year on my contract, otherwise I might be running off to Peru to be an assistant bottle washer!

(I edited out all the contact information. If you want to apply, and teach south of the remittance line, just click the link above to go to the original post).

Your Stomach has thinking cells; so follow your gut to Peru!

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Perhaps life north of the remittance line fuels you with purpose. Perhaps everyday you see the effect that you have on the people around you. Perhaps you live a life that touches reality in such a way that you feel yourself to be truly alive, instead of going through the motions of a lifestyle. Perhaps the thought of working on the front line of customer relations and making that long back-biting crawl up to middle management fulfills that ravenous longing your soul.

The rebellion is on-going. Twist that evil spell back on them and give it a new spin. (You know the one that I am talking about…the one that they put on you when you were wee…Eeaybeeseedee-eaeffgee-achaijaykay-elemenohpea-kiuarress-tiiyouvii-dabelyouexx-whyanzee)
You’re not going to take this lying down, are you? They killed the lord of the land of the dead…Donne and battered, they spun him off into discordian space…It’s just another reduction. Don’t let them lower your denominator too.
Join up. Take a stand. We’re looking for a few good primates…with notes of passage from higher educational gods and monsters…with burning desire in the cockles to spread the word…with some time to kill below the remittance line.
Become the last (and first) line in the ever shifting sands of the real, and you will be truly blessed.
• Blessed with roof
• Blessed with green pieces of paper
• Blessed with eternal adulation (and in some cases a small shrine of rough unhewn stones)

Step into the New Year proudly, and join the bottle washer’s campaign.

Respond cordially if you would (or aggressively if you must) to

(I took out the contacts name)
Chief Bottle Washer
----- Language School
------, Peru