Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Heart is Back

My wife is back from her stay in the Philippines. She says it is good to be back home, that during her time with her family, she just felt like a guest, it no longer felt like home.
She feels that her real home is here in Malaysia, with me. I feel that my real home is with her, wherever we may be, because she has made a home in my heart.

Our house felt empty without her. For 44 years, I took care of myself, and I didn't mind coming back to an empty house, doing things by myself, or being alone. Now, when she is not with me, I feel like a piece of myself is missing. A good piece of myself is gone when she is not there- the piece containing her smile, her hugs, her kisses, and her gentle affirming presence. Now that she is here with me, that piece of me has been renewed, and brought to life again.

Words are too feeble to express what I feel. So I try to show her my Love by my actions, the things I do for her, the little gifts I give, the way I hold her, and the way I make love to her.

To my wife

"I Love You, Baby"

I say these words to you over and over, but I wish just once you could really experience the true feelings in my heart that these words mean. That someday, there would be an interconnection of our Souls, and we could share truly everything within ourselves, not with words, but with all our beings. All the hopes, the sorrows, the Love, everything.

Until that time, I can only show you my Love in these simple ways.

With all my Heart,
Your John