Thursday, January 11, 2007

Latest News- But I Still Don't Know What to Think or Feel

Ok- She is pregnant. That much has been confirmed by Dr. Jaya. We saw the fetus, we saw the heartbeat, and there really is a tiny human taking shape in my wifes womb. We have the copy of the first sonogram to prove it, but I am not going to be gaga or corny and put it on here for you all to gaze at it with wild-eyed wonder. I'll spare you that. At least for now. As we get closer to the August 30th due date, I don't know what kind of craziness I will get into.

Right now, I am cautiously optimistic. Maybe optimistic is too strong a word. Hopeful, but prepared for the worst is more like it. My wife says, if she can make it past the first trimester then she'll be ok, and it will be time to get her hopes up. As for me, the giddiness and baby fever probably won't hit until after the second trimester has past. You never know, I am starting to feel little twinges of it right now. It's too early to start acting like a mental case over the pregnancy. I have enough other things to act like a mental case over, and with the pregnancy, daily more things are added that can turn me into a squirrel. I guess the most I can hope for is that I won't be banging my head against a padded wall if and when the big day comes.
Hopefully I won't end up looking like this!