Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Word About

My 2K Class
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This is something I should have put in the last post about my blogging project with my 2k class, for any teachers thinking about a similar project. Another plus about the site is that it has its own user group at Yahoo! There you can ask any questions you need to ask, and get all the tech support you need, either from the David Warlick, who is the sitemaster, or the other teachers using the site. It's a good place to get ideas for what you can do with your class Blog. So even though is fairly basic, you have a big community of users available as a resource for support and ideas.

What I figure is that it's best to start off simple anyway. Then if some students really get into it, and want to do something more complicated, I can help them set up their own blogs, or maybe move the one they already have. The site I would probably use then is, which uses Wordpress and has all the buttons and whistles you want, but doesn't allow you to keep control over the student accounts. In that case, I would be more of an advisor than a teacher. That would be the result I would like to come up with, because it would mean that the students were enjoying their Blogs, and really applying what they learn.

Well, we shall see what happens!