Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Guys on American Idol

Trien's two favorite shows, the ones she can't ever miss are America's Next Top Model, and American Idol. She likes ANTM because she thinks Tyra Banks is crazy in a fun sort of way. Also, she can see that the so called "beautiful women" aren't so beautiful after all. They are just as bitchty and petty and vain as anyone else in the world, and without special make-up and lighting, they don't look any better than any other women, and some look a good sight worse.

Being a Filipina, of course she loves music. It seems that every Filipino is born with a deep love of music. The Philippines is probably the most musical country on earth. Almost every house, no matter how poor, will have a karaoke machine. If not, then you can probably count on there being a guitar or other musical instrument handy somewhere. Whever you go in the Philippines, there is usually music or singing coming from somewhere. But alas, Trien is not blessed with a beautiful singing voice, or outstanding musical talent. But that doesn't stop her from appreciating musical ability in others.

We both agree that there is a woeful lack of musical talent among the male contestants in this years American Idol. Lets face it, these guys are painful to watch, and even more painful to listen to. If I had my way, I would boot them all off the show. None of them deserve to win, or have the talent to do it. Lets face it, the worst of the women contestants are light years ahead of the best of the male contestants, both in terms of talent, technique, and stage presence.

It has to be the most mediocre assembly of male singers ever assembled on TV in one show. Even worse than on Malaysia's "Akademi Fantasia", if you can believe that. On that show, the men win not because they can sing, but because they are men, they are ethnic Malays, they are poor, and they come from the Kampung.

So Trien and I will be watching American Idol every week, but I think I will find something else to do when it's the guys turn. I know Trien will be watching because she is way more optimistic than I am, and hopes that one day one of them may actually turn in a decent performance. For me, it's as much a lost cause as trying to get George W. Bush to become a decent president. It ain't gonna happen.