Thursday, April 26, 2007

Latest Baby News- Our Baby's Gender

We went to the doctor yesterday for our monthly check up. Trien felt that it was a girl, because she was into her girly things, like making sure she was dressed perfectly before stepping outside, wearing makeup, worrrying about her complexion, and things like that. She also felt like she had a connection with the baby inside of her, and that the baby was telling her she was a girl.

Me? I really wanted a boy. I figured there was no way my wife could tell what the sex the baby was. It was just one of those female superstitions, was my thinking.

We were excited about finding out what sex the baby was. Last time we had a sonogram, the baby was so active that the doctor couldn't tell. So the night before we went to the doctor, I talked to the baby and asked if baby could hold still while the doctor took the sonogram, so we could tell if we had a boy or a girl.

We have a good baby, because baby listened and did just what I asked.

When the doctor started the sonogram, baby was moving around. I explained to baby that we were in the doctors office now, and wanted to see if we had a boy or a girl. Sure enough, baby stopped moving, spread its legs a little, and put its hands under it's chin. After the doctor was finished, I told baby it was okay, and baby started moving around again.

Now we know that we knew that we have:


I have to admit that I was disappointed and upset at first, because I really wanted a boy. So did Trien, so did my Dad, (so that there would be a child to carry on the family name), and my Mom. I was hoping for a boy, so I could teach him things, he could carry on the family name, and I could name him after my grandfather, who I was close to and who was good to me.

After a while, I was okay with it. Because now, we are having a beautiful little mestiza. That's what I keep saying to my wife- we are having a beautiful baby girl!

Daddy is very, very happy, and can't wait to hold his sweet little daughter in his arms!