Friday, May 18, 2007

Our 25th Week of Pregnancy

Ok, we've now made it through the first week of the third trimester. Trien's tummy is getting big. It looks very cute. Her fellow Filipinas tell her that she is not that big for six months, and that makes her feel happy. Still, she is worried about getting fat.

When I married her, I wasn't asking for a supermodel trophy wife. I just wanted a super wife, which is what I have. I tell her all the time, "Don't worry about getting fat, I'll still love you even if you do get fat." The most important thing is that her and the baby get enough of the right nutrition, and in the right quantity. She hasn't been gorging or dieting, and seems to be eating a normal amount. It's just that when your body is undergoing all these changes, it's normal to get a bit paranoid.

The baby is getting more and more active now, and not just because she is getting bigger and therefore the movements are easier to feel. The periods of activity are getting more frequent. They aren't necessarily lasting longer, it is that she is getting active more often. Unfortunately, one of those new times of activity is right after we turn out the lights. You can almost set your clock by it. Bedtime comes, we get settled in, and boom! The baby starts doing the rhumba in double time.

Of course this means my wife has more trouble getting to sleep at night. That means we both have trouble getting to sleep. It is no longer comfortable for my wife to sleep on her right side, because that's where the baby's head and body are. She can only feel comfortable on her left side, where the feet are, or laying upright on her back.

Getting to sleep now entails a lot of shifting around, moving pillows, and getting her tummy and her "hug pillow" (which is really an oversized bolster), in the right position. She twists and turns and flops around all over the bed, and I end up sleeping on my side with my face scraping the wall. On the other side, there is either her or a pillow in my back. It's not unusual now for me to wake up, and her feet are by my head. The other night, the only way she could get comfortable was to sleep crossways on the futon which serves as our bed, with her feet hanging over the edge. I had no choice but to sleep the same way, and I have to admit, it was pretty comfortable. It was pretty disappointing the next night when she went back to sleeping her normal way, and I had to go back to drooling on the wall.

The thing is, I know it is only going to get worse as the due date gets closer.
I can ride it out though. It's just another one of life's great adventures!