Saturday, June 2, 2007

Funny Pissed Off Humor

I came across this site on one of my journeys through cyberspace. I seem to have a gift for finding wierd but interesting sites. This guys website has humor with an angry, pissed off attitude. Being from New Jersey, I thought it was pretty funny, but I know it will not be to everyones taste. Probably the only other people who will enjoy it will be fellow Jerseyites, those who are angry at the world, have sick senses of humor, or are heavily medicated. Which, of course, covers just about everyone in New Jersey.

This one entry really got me laughing.

The humor might not be right for you overly sensitive politically correct types. Here's an example of some of what you can expect:

I was searching for shitty telecom companies the other day and Qwest came up as the first result (the 2nd through 6th results linked to Verizon). So I clicked the top link and saw this:

"Finally," I thought to myself, "a site that sells chubby black women." Unfortunately, after hours of searching there were no black women to be found; only DSL and local phone service. Here are some other photos I found on corporate websites, and what I learned about the world based on the images:

So if you are feeling really pissed off today, have a look!