Friday, June 1, 2007

Pregnancy Progress- Week 27

This is week 27 of our pregnancy. Yup, I am pregnant too, since what affects my wife affects me also. We are in this thing together, and will get through it together.

Trien's tummy seems to grow larger every day. There is no chance of disguising her condition now. I can't see how those teens who give birth in secret can hide it. It would take a lot of work and some pretty naive people not to see the signs, from what I can see. Still, it does happen all the time.

She has gotten so big that it is no longer comfortable for her to wear the black pregnancy pants we got for her in KL. These have an adjustable elastic waistband, and soft material around the top. The pants still fit her, but she complains that they don't feel right anymore. They hang too low on her tummy. The white ones we got at the same time are still Ok, because she says the waistband isn't as wide as the black pants, and so it is less uncomfortable. She decided that she wouldn't wear the black pants anymore, and would still wear the white ones. Then she said she would mostly wear the mommy dresses we bought, or that others have given us.

So what did she wear to meet me at the Internet cafe yesterday? Of course, the most uncomfortable looking athletic stretch pants that she has laying around! Now, I know there is a long convoluted explanation for that, which makes sense to her, but would have me scratching my head and just nodding my head when she asked if I understood. So I will just accept that the expensive comfortable looking baby pants are no longer practical, while the cheap uncomfortable looking pants are just fine, thank you. There is something contrary about my wife's ways that I've just come to accept. I just nod my head and say I understand.

As her tummy grows, so does her problems getting to sleep. She has trouble getting comfortable in bed because it is hard to find the right position to get comfortable in. It is like trying to sleep with a basketball strapped to your abdomen. She also says it is a bit difficult to breathe when she lays down at night. It is easier to breathe if she lays a bit upright. Another problem is that because of the baby's position, the distribution of weight in her tummy is uneven. If she lays on her right side, it feels like the whole baby has slid down there. If she sleeps on her left side, there is less weight, and she can get better support by using her "hug pillow" under her tummy.

Last night, she complained she wasn't comfortable. Even though we had the bed under the open window, and the ceiling fan on, she said she was hot. I know you will say, "Hey John, you guys are 4 degrees above the equator", but it does get fairly cool here at night, somewhere in the mid 70's. Sometimes we even close the windows because it's too cool. Anyway, we moved the bed away from the window, and next to the other window, closer to the ceiling fan. That still didn't work. We have a couple of old foam mattresses we borrowed from school to use on the bed at our old place. We put one of them on the floor by the bed, and within a couple of minutes she was fast asleep until morning.

The baby's movements are getting stronger and sharper as she gets bigger. It is easier to see and feel her movements. If Trien is asleep, she will sometimes wake up and tell the baby that mommy is trying to sleep. She doesn't wake all the way up most of the time. What will really wake her up is when the baby starts moving her elbows, or what we think is her elbows.

Our daughter is now moving her whole body, like she is doing baby Kung-Fu. She moves her arms, her head, and her legs, sometimes all at once. She likes to do this when we play music, especially if it is a bit loud.

Now Trien is starting to slow down. She can't walk as fast as she used to, or as far. Before it was no problem for her to walk into and all around town. Now, it is hard for her to walk back. She can still do it, it's just that it takes longer and she is more tired than before. Still, she is looking forward to going swimming with her friends at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort on Monday.

Finally, her cravings are back. She wants Inasal. I don't know where we can get a barbecued suckling pig prepared Visayan style here in Malaysia. I doubt anyone knows, or that there is such a thing. She wants her friends currently on vacation in the Philippines to bring some back. Good luck to that!

This is what Trien is craving for.

All together, so far so good. Only about three more months to go!