Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pregnancy Report- Week 31

It looks like we've come up with a sure way to cure Trien's sleeping problems. It's very simple. When she wants to sleep, I climb in bed and hug her. It's amazing how well it works. Maybe it's because it makes her feel loved and safe, I don't know. I'll have to ask her about that later. This afternoon, I lay on our bed and hugged her, and in five minutes she was fast asleep. So it looks like before I can go to sleep on my mattress on the floor, I'll have to embrace her on the bed. That way she can sleep, and I'll be able to also.

This week her sleeping problems got so bad that she got one of the cheap hard plastic chairs from the our dining table, put it at the desk in our bedroom, and tried to sleep like one of my students. It was because it felt hard to breathe when she was lying down. Sleeping at the desk was more uncomfortable than lying down, but a little application of some "hug medicine" once she crawled back into bed worked wonders.

pregnancy cartoon

Our baby has been very active. There is all sorts of bumping and rippling going on in my wife's tummy. At one point, it looked like her tummy was being pulled inward! Both of us said the same thing:
"Huh?! What is the baby doing???"
We figured that the baby must be playing with umbilical cord, and pulling on it, just for fun. When we jokingly asked her what she was doing, she stopped.

It seems that even in the womb, our daughter is able to communicate her needs. When my wife is hungry, the baby is hungry, too. Sometimes Trien will try to wait before eating, because she is tired and doesn't want to get up. If she waits too long, though, our daughter will let her know it is feeding time, by kicking her. It's always in the same spot. She seems to be learning, even inside the womb, because once she starts kicking in that spot, Mommy has no choice but to get up and eat. Once she does, the kicking stops, and Mommy can have some peace. So our daughter knows when she wants to eat, she kicks Mommy in the right spot, and she gets fed.

Then again, that is a typical woman. They always know how to get what they want!