Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Russian Fisherman Catch Squeaking Alien and Eat It

I kid you not. This article comes from no less of a source than the English version of Pravda, which means "truth". Some village residents from the Rostov region caught this strange squeaking looking thing, and must have been really hungry. For one thing, it weighed over 100 kilos. Also, it is so bizarrely ugly that eating it is the last thing I would consider. However, one of the hungry fishermen said that it was the most delicious dish he had ever eaten. Anyone for ET barbecued on a spit? How about ALF in
bechamel sauce? Some filet of Klingon?

That's a picture of the "alien". If you want to see the cellphone video of what it looked like before they ate it, then click the link. I got the link to it from the Pravda page, however, be forewarned, there are some pretty risque things on the page. The kinds of things you don't want to have to explain to any young children.

And you thought it was only the Cantonese who ate anything that walks, crawls, or flies. Well, think again. The Russians are now one up on them!