Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bruce and Dixie's Leyte Adventure

Bruce and Dixie are friends of ours. Bruce is an American guy from Indiana that I met while I was working in Manila. He wants me to help him open up a school on our favorite Island. Dixie is a local girl from Cebu. She is about 4 foot 10 at best, and Bruce is 6 foot 2 or better. Despite the differences in their heights, they are planning to get married sometime soon.

They took a motorcycle trip to Leyte. Bruce e-mailed me some pictures. I am feeling lazy, so I am going to post them here, instead of writing something else. I don't know what is happening in most of them, because he didn't tell me. But Trien and I are very familiar with these types of scenes, having experienced very similar things ourselves. I just don't know where I put the pictures, so I'll use Bruce and Dixie's instead!