Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pregnancy Report- Week 34

Trien has definitely slowed down the past couple of weeks. Not that I can blame her- it's tough being pregnant. It's hard for her to get to sleep, to move around, and get comfortable. It's getting hard for her just to do the normal everyday things. It's not going to get any better, either. Just think- only 4 to 6 more weeks of this to go!

The baby has been very active. Her movements have been getting sharper and more painful. Last night the baby kicked her, and Trien let out a yelp. She complains that with all the movement and kicks, she is getting sore inside. That means that neither Mommy or Baby is comfortable right now, because space is getting tight for both of them.

Trien went to Taiping Hospital on Tuesday, for her glucose tolerance test, and checkup. That meant fasting after midnight, and not eating until after she was finished about 11 or so. Not eating like that is something difficult for a pregnant Mommy to do. She made it through OK, but obviously, it had an effect on her. When I got home, there was a full load of food in the refrigerator, and the shelf was pretty well stocked too.

They did a full ultrasound scan, looking for any abnormalities. Since she went on Tuesday this time, there were a lot less patients, and the technician took his time and talked to her. The good news is that everything looks Ok. Praise God for that! We spent some time going over the technicians report, and trying to make out his writing. The only thing that concerned me was that it said, "gastric bubble seen". We weren't sure what that meant. Did it mean the baby had gas? Was she going to cut a big nasty fart in Mommy's tummy? Would that make Trien's tummy even bigger? Did it mean Trien had gas? I looked it up on the net, and that wasn't much help. As far as I can tell, it means that our daughter has a stomach.

The good news is that if our daughter is born now, she would be healthy, and have no problems associated with premature birth. It's still a bit early, though, and the longer she waits, the better it will be. Even though Mommy and I are getting a bit impatient, for different reasons, we would prefer she waits at least another couple of weeks before being born. (Ok, maybe I should speak for myself).

So far, so good. Thank God for that. After two failed previous pregnancies, this one is going as it should.

Just a little while longer, and we will be dealing with a whole other paradigm!

Ok, I am ready for it.

I think.