Friday, July 20, 2007

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Yeah, I admit, I don't feel like blogging right now. Tonight was our "date night", so Trien and I took a taxi to downtown Taiping, and had dinner at a new All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet place across from the Panorama Hotel. It was pretty good, RM 8.60 (about $2.50) each person, drinks, soup, salad, and dessert all included.

Then she was going to visit her friend Vanessa at her nail shop around the corner, but she wsn't in. So we went to the Internet Cafe, so she could check her e-mail, and I could goof around.

She just finished chatting on Yahoo! Messenger with one of her friends from the Philippines who married another guy from Jersey. The difference is that they are living in Jersey. She was showing me the pictures of their new baby. Between that, she was trying to beat one of her secondary schoolmates high score on the "Fruit Drop" game they have on their class website. Despite her amazing and almost supernatural mastery of the Fruit Drop game, she was unable to beat her arch nemesis's high score. When we go home, I will make it a point to comfort her.

Anyway, I had written somethings down that I wanted to Blog about, but then, as usual, I left the paper at home. Right now I don't feel like think too much. I did a Google search for "instant blog entry", and this is what I came up with. So Instead of writing anything else, I am going to let the bots do the work for me. So here goes:

I kinda love my cousin Cathy. Often she is very dumb, then yesterday she just shocked me... I begged her support reading a book about education among Japanese schoolgirls, and then she was like:

"Dude! I am so sick of hearing about Japanese schoolgirls all the time!"

At first I began yelling "DUDE!" and then just now I just suddenly got this dangerous look in my eyes. After all, she *is* my cousin and she should know better...

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I absolutely love my father Leroy. There are days when he is quite cool, then a couple of days ago he just touched me... I begged his guidance talking to someone about ethics among Japanese schoolgirls, then he screamed:

"Wow! Don't tell me you're into Japanese schoolgirls too!"

At first I was like "WOW!" and just now I just subsided and began sobbing. After all, he *is* my father and I need to make this work...

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Ok, I know these randomly generated posts make it look like I am obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls. I am not. It seems like the Bots are, though.

Tomorrow is another day....