Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jungle Crotch Rot

Yup, that's what I got. I haven't been feeling well the past couple of weeks, and this certainly doesn't help any.

I had cold and was feeling constricted in my chest. I went to a couple of doctors, and they gave me the usual, cough syrups, some antibiotics, but they didn't help much. Sister Saras from our church, recommended Dr. Philipp, who has a surgery by the firehouse. He looked me over, and diagnosed that I had a mild case of pneumonmia. So he gave me a bunch of antibiotics, and no cough syrup. He also said that I might have Grave's Disease, or hyperthyroid.

So on Sunday, I fasted- nothing unusual there, I usually do anyway, and he took blood to do a comprehensive bloodwork on me. He also did an ultrasound scan of the vital organs, and continued the antibiotics.

Sunday night, I looked at Trien's leg, and there is an oozing cut on it that didn't look good at all.

Monday was the first day back after semester break. There wasn't much to do, because all my morning classes were canceled because of the assembly, and student meetings. So Mr. Wong drove me back home, and we picked up Trien, and went back to Dr. Philipp. Mr. Wong didn't have anything else to do either, and I know he was looking for an excuse to get away for awhile, too.

The doctor said it was either an allergy, or an insect bite. He gave Trien some cream.

I had some redness and soreness on my testicles. He checked that out, said it wasn't too bad, and that he didn't want to overload me by treating me for that, too.

So Trien and I had brunch at the roti cannai stand, and I walked back to school. When I went home, and took off my underwear, I literally had to peel it off, and there was blood in it. Not a lot, mind you, but enough. My cojones looked like ground hamburger, and were oozing. Not exactly the most comfortable feeling.

Trien made some calls, trying to see if there was a urologist around. We couldn't find any.

The next morning, I called work, and told them I was going with my wife to the doctor, which was the truth. We were going, but I was the one seeing him.

It was worse looking. I will save you the rest of the gory details. He gave me a shot of Rocephrin, some more antibiotics, and a topical cream. Plus, he gave me a medical certificate good for two days off. That way, I could stay at home, and walk around free and easy if I wanted. Instead, I wore a sarong, because one of Trien's Filipina friends came over, and they spent those two days decorating the baby's room.

Right now, I am a walking antibiotic cocktail. I got ones for pneumonia, and jungle crotch rot (I don't know what else to call it) running through me.

the JCR is getting better. The family jewels look less like swollen, scabby, oozing hambuger, and more like they should look. The infection, which was spreading to the underside of John Jr., hasn't gotten worse. Praise God for that!

I went back to work today. Thank God I got a ride just after I started walking, in a car, and not a motorbike! God is looking out for me.

When people at work asked me why I was walking funny, I just told them they didn't want to know. All I said was I had an infection in a painful place.

So literally, being at work today is a real pain in the balls!

At least tomorrow we have the day off, for Merdeka, the 50th anniversary of Malaysian Independence.

Good thing, too, because I think tomorrow Trien is going to give birth.