Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Report Week 40: Still Waiting

Today makes 40 weeks of pregnancy. Still no little Melody Angelica yet.

That's probably for the best, since my health hasn't been good the past few weeks. What with medical leave, the semester break, and what have you, the students here haven't seen much of me the past few weeks. When I walked into my first class this morning, the students actually cheered! That really made me feel good. Some of the the students told me that they missed me. One of the students told me how they were talking in class about how they miss my classes- my joking around, the things we do. When I walked into another class, there was a question written on the board:

"Why hasn't Mr. John been in class?"

I guess it was a rhetorical question.
Another question I was asked was whether I would be teaching here next year. That I don't know. I know Trien has been giving indications that she would like to stay another year. Being a Filipina, she's not going to say it right out, but I can read between the lines.

The students seem to want me to stick around for another year, but I don't know. The last principal was great, but this one, well- let me stop there and let you infer the rest.

Still, it's definitely nice to be missed, and to be appreciated.

When we leave here, I will miss this place.

On to business: Trien went for her checkup yesterday, and everything is normal. The baby's heartbeat is active, and everything is normal with Mommy, too. She has to keep track of the baby's movements. If the baby moves less than 10 times over 13 hours, we have to go to the hospital. If not, then Trien has an appointment next Wednesday. If she hasn't delivered before then, they will probably induce labor.

So at least we have a deadline.

Trien will be happy to finally give birth, what with all the changes her body has gone through, the discomfort, and everything else. It will be a relief to not be a raging hormone factory any more. To her credit, she has been pretty even tempered through it all.

Well, time to go. I am getting kicked out of the pc room in school.

Happy Merdeka to All!!!