Friday, August 24, 2007

My Latest Project

I am here at the Internet Cafe. Trien is alone at home. While I don't like leaving her, I had no choice. She was tired. After all, she went walking four times yesterday, because she thought that by getting exercise, she might induce labor. Obviously that didn't work. All it did was wear her out. Meanwhile, Melody is happily kicking away in the womb. She doesn't seem to want to come out.

On one of her walks yesterday, Trien and I went to the BabyCentre, here in Taiping, to pick up a few things we need. They obviously recently took inventory, and rearranged things. Because of that, I was able to find a couple of things that weren't there before.

One was a baby bath. This one had obviously been sitting in a storeroom somewhere, because it was dirty, and the a little bit of the slip-proof padding on the back had come unglued. It was perfect for our needs. After finding out from the salesperson that it was the only one, I was able to get a 25% discount. That made me feel good. I washed it today, and it looks good as new.

The other thing was a glove that had finger puppets on it. It is blue, has a castle on the hand, and five different characters on the fingers. There is a king, a queen, a jester, a knight, and a dragon. I was showing it to Trien and doing my cartoon voices by her tummy, and Melody must have liked that, because she was moving like crazy.

Well, our trip yesterday, and the fact that I started reading a book on how to stimulate your baby's development, plus the fact I had to get out, made me take a trip over to the local department store to raid the toy department. Trien is going to kill me when she sees what I bought. What the heck, at least I will have fun playing with it before the baby comes!

Then I figured- instead of buying stuff- Why not make my own! That would be fun, and keep Trien from tying to the bed to keep me from buying more baby toys.

So my latest project will be making a baby mobile. I already have the plans on my portable hard drive. It looks really simple, and I can use either stuff from around the house, or stuff that's easy to get. If I make my own, we can change the little things hanging down, whatever you call them, whenever I feel like making different ones. One thing though- instead of using string, it looks like it is advisable to use zip ties, so baby doesn't get tangled or strangled. That's because whatever I make or buy, its all got to be baby safe. Believe me, Daddy is not going to take any chances with Melody's health and safety. It means the world to me!