Friday, August 31, 2007

The Prelude to the Big Day

The Day is almost upon us. Trien is in the hospital now. The baby will be born tomorrow, for sure. No more waiting. They are going to induce labor in the morning.

This morning, the baby started making these strange movements with her arms. It was unlike anything she'd ever done before. They were moving fast, unlike her normal sedate movements. After that, she didn't move at all for a couple hours. That got us worried.

We went to the hospital for a checkup. While we were concerned, we didn't think it was anything major. We figured she was probably asleep, but decided to play it safe. No use taking anything for granted when you are this far along.

After we got to the hospital, Melody moved slightly, but nothing like her normal movements, which would last for more than just a couple of seconds. They took Trien inside to the clinic, while I had to stay outside in the waiting area, and look cross eyed at the otheres waiting there, and ponder whether that was haze over Bukit Larut, or if it was just humidity.

There was a TV. It was on channel three, with a bunch of talking heads chattering on in Malay about Merdeka. I don't think I would have found it interesting even if I understood the language. Since there was only one other person there at the time, a middle aged, (or seemingly middle aged) Malay woman, I changed the to channel 7, where they were showing the Cirque du Soleil, which was much nicer, a helluva lot more interesting, and needed no translation.

Finally Trien came outside to see me. The results? The babys heartbeat was good. The ultrasound revealed that there was less fluid in the womb then there should be. So they were going to admit her to the hospital. I had to run over to the main building to get her admitted first.

At first the registrar wanted an RM 800 deposit. I told her I only had a couple hundred and change. She asked how much I wanted to give. I was ready to give her everything but the change. After talking to her though, and telling her that I worked at SERATAS, and had an employment letter (even though it only covers me), she waived the deposit. So I ran back to the maternity ward. Third class, which is an open ward with about 40 beds, dorm style. The first and second class wards were full. A busy Merdeka for babies, that's for sure.

When I got back, they had Trien on the fetal heart monitor, which gave Daddy some anxious moments, watching the heart rate go up to 150 or so, then down to 120.

I almost had a stroke, though, when they asked her to turn on her side. Then the fetal heart monitor started doing all sorts of things. One moment it would go to 240, then to 90, then to 190, then zero, then stop reading all together. Each time it would fluctuate, so would the beating of my heart, as if I was tied into the monitor. I ran to get the nurse, who looked at it, and had her lay back on her back, when everything went back to normal. The doctor looked at the tape, but didn't seem too concerned.

We are getting good support here from everyone here. Saras, the maternity nurse from the church, and her husband, who's a cop, picked me up at the hospital and took me home and back to the hospital, so I could get Trien's things. We didn't bring anything, since we didn't think she'd be admitted. Saras also told the nurses in the ward that Trien and I are her friends, and to keep a special eye on her. So we have been getting good service, despite being in the third class ward. Saras and her husband also brought their old Baby crib up to our apartment for us to use.

Saras is working the morning shift in the ward where Trien is, so she will be with her when they induce labor. I won't be, because they won't the Daddys in the ward until visiting hours at 12:30pm.

She won't be alone until then, though. Mr. S. Manogaran, one of the instructors at school, well, his wife happens to be a maternity nurse in the adjoining ward, just a few steps from where Trien is. I ran out to get Trien "Some rice and mutton", and I ran into him at the same restaurant buying something for his wife. I hurriedly rote down where Trien is, and when I came back, his wife came over to check to see how she was doing. She has my number to call me in case anything goes wrong. I'm sure she will be checking on Trien throughout the night. She was also very helpful in other things. God is really working overtime to help us out with this one.

We've already had lots of phone calls, and visits from friends wishing us well. Everyone has been offering their help and support. We don't lack for anything right now.

God has put us in a very good place. We are Truly Blessed!